Streamlining Payroll Operations and Efficiencies

60 min. Aired on Wednesday March 24th | 10am PT / 12pm CT

Approved for 1.0 certification hour through 04/30/2021

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Streamlining Payroll Operations and Efficiencies

Streamlining Payroll Operations and Efficiencies

Payroll is often the largest expense for a business and can be even more costly because of non-compliance, inefficient processes, lack of controls, and outdated technology. A missed deadline or incorrect tax filing can result in hefty fines and even jail time. Manual entry of HR/payroll records is time-consuming and prone to human error. Not having controls in place, whether you are a public or a private company, can increase the risk of fraud. Outdated technology can be complex and tends to add more administrative burden to HR/payroll teams, causing unwanted stress and frustration.

In this session we talk about the many ways that companies can stay compliant, streamline payroll operations, and optimize efficiency. We’ll share best practices and current trends to help improve your overall payroll operations and keep things running smoothly.

What you will learn

  • The importance of staying up-to-date with payroll regulations
  • Understanding how to keep payroll processes simple
  • How to create internal controls, checklists, and audits to reduce the risk of fraud, eliminate errors, and run payroll consistently
  • Discuss ways to automate workflows and payroll processes
  • What it means to go paperless
  • The significance of keeping pace with emerging technology

About the Speaker - Tonya Kemp

tonya kemp

Tonya R. Kemp, CPP is currently the Director of Payroll Operations for Dave & Buster’s, Inc, an industry leader in the restaurant and entertainment business. Prior to her role at Dave & Buster’s, Mrs. Kemp was the Director of Payroll, HRIS, and Benefits Administration at the CBC Restaurant Corp better known as Corner Bakery Café.

She is a published payroll educator with over 18+ years of payroll experience and a long-time member of the APA’s Board of Contributing Writers for the PAYTECH magazine. Mrs. Kemp has also served on other APA committees in the past including the Certification Advisory Board and the Strategic Payroll Leadership Task Force (SPLTF) Hospitality Industry Subcommittee. She has been a featured APA Congress Speaker on an ADP Hosted Panel – “New Technology – What It Means for You and Your Workforce, and How to Embrace It.

Outside of the APA, she serves on ADP’s AVS Client Advisory Board for Wage Payments, helping to improve and define ADP’s wage payment offerings.

Important About Accreditation

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