Payroll Fraud Sleuth Training

60 min. Wednesday May 20th | 10am PT / 12pm CT

Approved by APA for 1.0 certification hour through 6/30/2020

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Payroll Fraud Sleuth Training

Payroll Fraud Sleuth Training

The bad guys are trying to steal your information! It seems there is another story on the news every day about large security breaches and the potential exposure of private, personal data. During this hour, Sleuthing Trainees will learn what the fraudsters are looking for, how they are gaining access to it and which employee populations are most at risk. This course, as well as the fortitude of the Sleuthing Graduates, have the potential to prevent millions in future payroll fraud losses.

What you will learn

  • Understanding how payroll fraud happens
  • Payroll's responsibility regarding payroll fraud
  • Identifying types of payroll fraud
  • Preventing against payroll fraud
  • Ability to educate others about payroll fraud
  • Plan of action for payroll fraud policy review

About the Speaker - Christine Stolpe

Christine Stolpe

Passionate about furthering an understanding of payroll, Christine Stolpe, CPP has been working in some fashion of payroll for the past 25+ years and enjoys watching the profession blossom through emotional intelligence and personal fortitude. A member of the American Payroll Association since 2011, Christine recently launched her own consulting business, Wages Creek. She serves on the Social Networking Committee, GRTF-SALT Sub-Committee and Certification Item Development Task Force. In the past, she has served on the Board of Directors for the California Payroll Conference (CPC) and Silicon Valley Chapter (SVAPA) as well as serving a two-year term on the Board of Advisors representing Region 4 to National APA. Christine was also one of the first fifty individuals to earn the APA’s Global Payroll Management Certification in October 2011. Through furthering her own education and skill sets and attending educational offerings, Christine has developed a ravenous appetite for helping others. She has developed training for other payroll professionals, volunteered for National Money Matters Day during National Payroll Week, and she now looks forward to continuing to grow her network of resources, colleagues and friends.

Important About Accreditation

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