The Top 10 Surprises in the New OSHA Vaccine Mandate ETS

60 min. Aired Monday November 22 | 10am PT / 12pm CT

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The Top 10 Surprises in the New OSHA Vaccine Mandate ETS

The Top 10 Surprises in the New OSHA Vaccine Mandate ETS

The new OSHA private sector Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) published on November 5, 2021 weighed in at a hefty 490 pages, and represents a major new compliance challenge for all employers of 100 employees or more. While some provisions were as expected (mandatory vaccines, weekly testing alternative, full deference to existing exemption bases), there were a fair number of surprises housed within the regulations as well. What are the major surprises, and how can they impact your preparation efforts for compliance with this new set of mandates?

What you will learn

  • Which mandate? Some employers may wonder which of four sets of executive orders/OSHA standards apply to them
  • Counting employees (who’s in and who’s out for determining employer and employee coverage under the rules)
  • Maintaining data and images: what to collect, and best practices for doing so
  • Required reporting: no, employers don’t have to submit anything, but they’d better have the new report at the ready at all times
  • Employee communications and policy dissemination: is training really not required?
  • The role of HCM technology in easing the new compliance burden

About the Speaker - Bob Greene

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Bob Greene currently serves as Senior HR Industry Analyst at Ascentis. Bob’s 40 years in the human capital management industry have been spent in practitioner, consultant and vendor/partner roles. As practitioner, he managed payroll for a 5,000-person bank in New Jersey. As consultant, he spent 8 years advising customers in HRMS, and payroll and benefits system design as well as acquisition strategies. Bob also built a strategic HCM advisory practice for Xcelicor (later acquired by Deloitte Consulting.)

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