Meaningful Metrics and Scorecards

60 min. Wednesday, September 29th | 10am PT / 12pm CT

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Meaningful Metrics and Scorecards

Meaningful Metrics and Scorecards

For payroll organizations to gain efficiency and effectiveness, they must focus on the costs and improve the end-to-end process. In order to accomplish this, payroll leaders must track and report performance to their stakeholders. When done well, metrics can build credibility and drive action. In this session, we will review the best practices for reviewing (or developing) a scorecard and how payroll metrics can not only represent the operation but help drive continuous improvement.

What you will learn

  • The importance of a global scorecard that uses both time and payroll data
  • Meaningful metrics for efficiency, effectiveness, and employee engagement
  • Common metrics reported by payroll organizations
  • Importance of creating actionable metrics
  • The challenges of creating scorecard and how to overcome it


About the Speaker - Kelley Rousayne

Kelley R

Kelley Rousayne serves as the Global Time to Pay Practice Leader at The Hackett Group. In her role she helps organizations with payroll and workforce management strategies, best practices, and research. Kelley has over 15 years' experience in Shared Services, working in Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. Prior to joining The Hackett Group, she was a Global Payroll Lead responsible for all US payroll operations for approximately 140,0000 employees. She has led onshore and offshore teams who provided support for payroll tax, garnishments, payroll & workforce management technology, productivity reporting, and other payroll services.

You may connect with Kelley via email at krousayne@thehackettgroup.com or on LinkedIn.

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