Employee Wellbeing and Engagement in the Age of COVID-19: Partnership with HUB International

60 min. Wednesday May 6th | 10am PT / 12pm CT

Approved by HRCI/SHRM until 6/30/2020

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Employee Wellbeing and Engagement in the Age of COVID-19

Presented in Partnership with Hub International

The disengaged employee can cost an organization 34% of that employee’s annual salary. Conversely, findings from Gallup’s 2016 Q Meta-Analysis show that employees with higher levels of engagement have a deep and positive impact on an organization’s outcomes, customer attraction and retention. Other studies suggest that engaged employees are also healthier, less likely to experience burnout, more likely to participate in organization-sponsored health programs and have reduced rates of turnover (Agrawal and Harter, 2009). In this session we’ll discuss the positive link between employee engagement and health, the undeniable COVID factor, and how your wellbeing program can be leveraged and reimagined as your organization makes its way through the pandemic.

What you will learn

  • Review what employee engagement was like pre-COVID-19
  • Discuss COVID-19's current impact to keeping workforces engaged
  • Uncover the long-term implications of employee engagement, communication and mental wellbeing
  • Evaluate engagement strategies being leveraged by employers during this "new normal"
  • Think about communication and adoption tools to enable these strategies
  • How HUB International and Ascentis are here to help

About the Speaker - Fran Scott & Rachel Roop

fran scott

Fran is a veteran of the health and wellness space, having impacted individuals, organizations and cultures in a career spanning over 20 years. After finishing her collegiate basketball career at the University of Virginia, she went on to earn a master’s degree in Health and Physical Education, spending the first half of her career in corporate fitness before transitioning to employee wellness. Prior to joining HUB International, Fran managed several award-winning programs for Fortune 500 companies. Fran views wellbeing programs as a way that employers can substantially enrich the value proposition to their employees and in time, even to the communities where they ‘live’. Her overarching philosophy is that lasting engagement is built on the bedrock of relationships and compassion (culture) and then grows with the execution of a well-designed, strategic plan. Worth noting is that Fran’s personal H&P journey has brought her to the Final Four and the Ironman, and today continues with a Blue Zones® lifestyle of walking (no car), cycling, plant-based eating, a supportive ‘tribe’, wine and community building.

Rachel Roop - VP Sales East

Passionate about education and the impact of development, Rachel spent her early years as a high school educator for both the Public School system and the Department of Juvenile Justice. The last 14 years, she has worked in the HR Technology world providing software that addresses not only the critical requirements businesses have like compliance and productivity, but also employee engagement and development. She has been a consultant, a partner, a leader, and today she is the VP of Sales for the East Region at Ascentis.

Important About Accreditation

This webinar has been submitted by HRCI/SHRM for 1 (one) general RCH credit until 06/30/2020. You must watch the entire one-hour recording session per HRCI and SHRM rules and regulations to qualify for credit. If approved, you will be sent an email containing program codes within 30 days of the date of presentation.

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